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The part of SSDC that deals with Solar System exploration data aims at providing access and analysis capabilities to the data acquired by a number of instruments onboard several NASA and ESA planetary exploration missions with strong Italian participation.

Active planetary exploration missions with Italian participation

MissionSpace agencyTargetLaunch year
Cassini-HuygensNASA/ESASaturn system1997
Mars ExpressESAMars2003
RosettaESAComet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko2004
Mars Reconaissance OrbiterNASAMars2005
Venus ExpressESAVenus2005
DawnNASAVesta & Ceres2007
JunoNASAJupiter system2011

MATISSE - Multi-purpose Advanced Tool for the Instruments of the Solar System Exploration

MATISSE is the web based tool developed by SSDC SSE designed to access and visualize planetary exploration data. In particular it provides direct visualization of high order products, such as mosaics and ratios, over 3D shape models of selected targets, making scientific analysis easy, fast and accurate.
The ultimate aim of the tool is to enable "data fusion" in the planetary sciences, by means of an Intelligent Archive which is currently under development.
Thanks to MATISSE the scientific capabilities of each mission could be enhanced by combining observations taken by various instruments, studying different aspects of the same target.
MATISSE 2.0 is now available, with the addition of noteworthy features.
However we are still collaborating with the scientific teams of the instruments involved to add other useful tasks to MATISSE in the near future.

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Reference Paper
MATISSE: A novel tool to access, visualize and analyse data from planetary exploration missions. Zinzi et al., Astronomy and Computing, 2016,

SSDC SSE participation to scientific meetings

ConferencePlace / DateAuthorsAbstractPresentation
XI Congresso Nazionale
di Scienze Planetarie
Bormio (Italy)
4-8 Feb. 2013
Zinzi A. et al.--
European Planetary
Science Congress
London (UK)
8-13 Sep. 2013
Zinzi A. et al. PDF PDF
PV 2013 Frascati (Italy)
4-6 Nov. 2013
Zinzi A. et al. PDF PDF
European Planetary Science Congress Cascais (Portugal) 7-12 Sep. 2014 Zinzi A. et al. PDF PDF
XIII Congresso Nazionale
di Scienze Planetarie
Bormio (Italy)
21-26 Feb. 2016
Zinzi A. et al.- PDF