Solar System is the Python software developed at ASI Science Data Center able to project data from Solar System exploration missions directly on 3D shape models of the observed objects. It has been described in the paper "The ASDC contribution to the improvement of knowledge by means of 3D data projections of minor bodies" by Zinzi et al. (submitted to Advances in Space Research).

Please send an email to Angelo Zinzi to request the software code.

Software requirements

Python packages needed:

  • array
  • getopt
  • matplotlib.pyplot
  • numpy
  • os
  • scipy.interpolate
  • scipy.spatial
  • struct
  • subprocess
  • sys
  • tkFileDialog
  • Tkinter import
  • vtk

Operating system: has been extensively tested under several Linux distributions. It also works on Windows PC, but the right version of vtk package has to be installed (not the official one).